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The LeBaron Trio Brings Sometimes Y To Shelton State Community College

January 22, 2019

The LeBaron Trio headed to Shelton State Community College for a Terrific Tuesday afternoon performance of several pieces including Dr. Alan Goldspiel’s composition Sometimes Y.

Alan Goldspiel with The LeBaron Trio at Shelton State Community College

The LeBaron Trio (Dr. Melanie Williams, Soprano; Dr. Lori Ardovino, clarinet/saxophone; and Dr. Laurie Middaugh, piano) performed the six movements of Sometimes Y for Shelton State Community College students and faculty.

The six movements of Sometimes Y are:

  1. A, First of All
  2. E, Silence is…
  3. I, Am
  4. O, The Story of
  5. U, The Ugly
  6. Sometimes Y
The LeBaron Trio (Lori Ardovino, Laurie Middaugh, and Melanie Williams)

In addition to Goldspiel’s piece, the trio performed compositions by Joseph Landers, Ed Robertson, and the piece, Nonsense Songs, by the trio’s very own Lori Ardovino.

Goldspiel was in attendance at the concert in support of the Trio and their performance of his composition.

Click here to check out the video of I, Am