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New Music At The W Program Includes Two Original Pieces By Dr. Alan Goldspiel

February 26, 2019

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, the music department at Mississippi University for Women (known by many as The W) invited Classical Guitarist/Composer, Dr. Alan Goldspiel to perform several of his original pieces at their New Music At The W series. The series focuses on music of the 20th and 21st Century.

Photo Feb 26, 6 51 33 PM
Goldspiel (left) with Alexander (right) performing Duck, Duck, Soup

The 7:30 pm performance took place at the Connie Sills Kossen Auditorium in Poindexter Hall. Including Alan Goldspiel’s compositions, a total of eight pieces were presented in the program. Additional composers were Joe L. Alexander, Biraj Adhikari, Dennis Kam, Hannah E. Heaton, Valentin Bogdan, Carmen Petra-Basacopol, and Tatiana Chudova.

The program began with Goldspiel performing Dialog #6 for guitar and tuba with the composer of the piece, Joe L. Alexander. Goldspiel returned to the stage mid-program to perform Preludes No. 4, 3, and 2 from his Five Preludes (2012). For his third and final appearance in the program, Goldspiel and Alexander teamed up once again this time to perform Goldspiel’s new piece Duck, Duck, Soup for guitar and tuba.

Photo Feb 26, 6 46 57 PM
Goldspiel performing piece from his Five Preludes

The program was filled with beautiful and inspirational pieces from all composers involved including a tribute by pianist, Julia Mortyakova, to her mentor and teacher, Dennis Kam, who passed away in December. Mortyakova then played Kam’s piece Preludes for Piano.

Other musicians who performed during the evening program were Christopher Thompson (violin), Laura Thompson (piano), Valentin Bogdan (piano), as well as students Lydia Johnson (trumpet), Emma Potter (trumpet), Earl Marshall (trombone), Demarcus Smith (trombone) and the MUW Chamber Singers.