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Soldier of Mine On Its Way To Upcoming CD Release

Goldspiel in Church of the Redeemer as the Coro Volante Choir is hard at work.

Alan Goldspiel, classical guitarist and composer, traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio at the beginning of March to supervise the recording of his composition titled Soldier of Mine to be released on ABLAZE Records in 2020.

The recording session took place in the beautiful acoustic space of the Church of the Redeemer and was performed by the Coro Volante Choir. The choir is a professional choir dedicated to the music of living composers. They were formed especially for ABLAZE Records’ New Choral Voices recording series and are known for their preciseness and performance excellence.

Douglas Knehans directed and produced and Brett Scott conducted the two late-night sessions making sure every note and nuance was performed correctly and to the composer’s satisfaction.

When asked his thoughts about the experience, Goldspiel said, “I was totally impressed by the quality of the choir and its direction. I was thrilled to be selected for this project and I am very much looking forward to hearing this CD.”

Goldspiel takes a picture at Church of the Redeemer before the session starts.

Director and Producer of ABLAZE Records, Douglas Knehans, stated in the announcement letter to Goldspiel, ‘We are very taken and impressed with your Soldier of Mine. Your work will sound absolutely wonderful on our ABLAZE disc.’

Goldspiel’s piece, Soldier of Mine, will be included on the New Choral Voices Volume 4 CD and was selected from dozens of scores from seventeen countries. New Choral Voices Volume 4 is expected to be released in early 2020.

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