Goldspiel Invited to be Guest Artist at Samford University Recital

Goldspiel and Diamond at Brock Hall

24 September, 2019

Dr. Alan Goldspiel performed as a Guest Artist for Brad Diamond’s (tenor) Tuesday evening faculty recital at Samford University – School of the Arts.

The recital contained pieces by J.S. Bach, John Corigliano, and Franz Schubert in addition to the piece performed by Diamond and Goldspiel.

Goldspiel and Diamond Rehearse Before Recital

Goldspiel accompanied Diamond performing Four French Folk Songs by Mátyás Seiber (1905-1960). The four songs were – I. Réveillez-vos II. J’ai descendu III. Le Rossignol IV. Marguerite, elle est malade.

The entire concert was met with appreciation from the nearly full Brock Recital Hall. Others performing with Diamond during the performance were Barbara Harrington (flute), Jeff Flaniken (violin), Caroline Nordlund (violin), Samuel Nordlund (cello), Fred Teardo (harpsichord), Brian Viliunas (clarinet), and Ron Shinn (piano).