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New Music At The W Premieres Goldspiel Pieces

Alan and Lori bowing 2020-02-25 1

25 February, 2020

On the evening of February 25, Mississippi University for Women (The W) presented a New Music at the W concert filled with premieres and great performances.

Classical guitarist and composer, Dr. Alan Goldspiel premiered his most recent composition for guitar and clarinet entitled, A Diluvian Response.

The piece consists of three movements: Enlil and the Noisy Humans, HaShem and the Sinners, and Zeus and the Bellicose World.

When asked about the inspiration for the piece, Goldspiel stated:

“A Diluvian Response recalls that there are many flood legends existing in different cultures.  These common narratives usually involve a deity who destroys civilization as punishment for some wrong doing, some survivor(s), and ultimately the rebirth of civilization. Often closely linked to creation myth, our stories here involve writings from Mesopotamian, Hebrew, and Greek sources. My objective was to write this music for clarinet and guitar at the part of the story when it is decided to send the catastrophic waters because we rarely view the events from that side of things.”

Goldspiel was delighted to be joined by long-time collaborator Dr. Lori Ardovino on Clarinet for the performance, which was well received.

Later in the program, another premiere piece composed for tuba and two trombones by Goldspiel called A Winter’s Tale was performed by Joe L. Alexander (tuba), Demarcus Smith (trombone), and Ren Garrison (trombone).

A Winter’s Tale consists of two movements: If I Prove Honey-Mouth’d and Let My Tongue Blister. Goldspiel had this to say about the inspiration for the piece:

A Winter’s Tale sparked from a bit of line from a Shakespeare play in which whimsy, deception, tragedy, and romance abound. While attending the play, the notion of “honey-mouth’d” and “tongue blister” caught my attention and I thought then what an interesting title for music they might make. The music for two trombones and a tuba tries to be evocative of deceit and guile and, because of it, the subsequent inability to express “my red-look’d anger.””

Among the other composers whose pieces were presenting during the evening were Lori Ardovino’s Eloquence II for Solo Bb Clarinet and Eloquence IV for Solo Eb Clarinet (both performed by Ardovino); Biraj Adhikari’s Midnight and Nightmare; Joe L. Alexander’s The Land of Maximus (performed by Alexander, Smith, and Garrison); Amy Beach’s Variations on Balkan Themes Op 60 Set (performed on piano by Julia Mortyakova and Valentin M. Bogdan); and Valentin Bogdan’s Subterranean Thoughts.

Composition, Performance, World Premieres

Sometimes Y Performed In Its Entirety By LeBaron Trio

The LeBaron Trio: Dr. Laurie Middaugh, Dr. Lori Ardovino, and Dr. Melanie Williams (Photo: LeBaron Trio FB Page)

13 January, 2020

The LeBaron Trio performed Dr. Alan Goldspiel’s piece, Sometimes Y, in its entirety at an evening concert in the University of Montevallo’s LeBaron Recital Hall to an enthusiastic audience.

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Two World Premieres, One NACUSA Concert at the W

Goldspiel performing at the W

The November 10th, 2019 National Association of Composers/USA (NACUSA) concert at Mississippi University for Women (otherwise known as The W) not only saw Dr. Alan Goldspiel featured prominently but also premiered two of his pieces.

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Goldspiel’s Golus I Has World Premiere at National Conference

Lori Ardovino, Laurie Middaugh, and Brittney Patterson

Dr. Alan Goldspiel’s Golus I had its World Premiere on Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors (NACWPI) Conference at the University of Northern Iowa’s Bengtson Hall at 8:30 p.m.

The piece, written for clarinet, flute, and piano, was performed by three of Dr. Goldspiel’s fellow University of Montevallo colleagues – Dr. Lori Ardovino (clarinet), Dr. Laurie Middaugh (piano), and Dr. Brittney Patterson (flute).

Goldspiel states:

“The word golus is Yiddish for exile and it refers to the diaspora of the Jewish people. Diaspora Studies, in general, reflect on overcoming tremendous hardship, the ongoing growth of the diasporic phenomenon, and the cultural, social, political, and economic contributions of such peoples to their new homeland hosts.

The musical work Golus I reflects on the tragedy and courage of all exiled peoples and, in some very small way, seeks to emotionally represent that life-altering experience. It is the first in a series of works that takes the notion of exile as inspiration and commentary.”

Goldspiel was also recently notified that Golus I has been selected for presentation at the College Music Society (CMS) 2020 Southern Conference at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee in February.

Dr. Ardovino’s piece The Nine Worlds also had its World Premiere at the conference and was performed by the trio of University of Montevallo professors.